Time to Make July’s Goals

“Do not wait. The time will never be right. Start where you stand: work with whatever tools you have at your command, and the better tools will be found as you go along.”    Napoleon Hill

Here we are at the ending of another month; is time going by quickly now that the world has opened back up, or is it just me? Time used to stand still but now it’s going by quickly – are you ready?

Have you set new goals for your business and yourself? Are you ready to take action on those goals?

How many times have you had an idea or a goal that excites you but you either procrastinate or never reach it?  Often, it’s because you are waiting until you get it just right or need to gather more information.  But this can lead you to feel frustrated and anxious and can result in giving up or delaying the goal.  It seems to never end. 

Having the right mindset will lead to success. We all need to find ways to get ourselves mentally prepared for whatever awaits us throughout our day or the week.  Being mentally and emotionally prepared helps to make us less reactive to stressors and gives us the ability to think more clearly on how we should respond to them; we can choose to how we will respond and then make decisions on these resulting actions more clearly and with more purpose.  This is so important when you’re in business, especially if it’s your own or you are leading one.

As scary as it may seem, taking action – no matter how big or small – will help to motivate you and help you to reach those goals. Action actually overrides fear; you will see that the anticipation of what you think will happen does not; this lessens any future fear from arising, leaving you more courageous and accomplished. The next time, you won’t procrastinate and will do more.

I have learned that having fun is part of my business plan and career strategy as it helps me to debrief and tap into my right, creative brain which not only helps me in growing my business, but my clients benefit as well.  I find I can be at ‘my best’ and help them reach the results they are seeking. For me, this includes music and dancing.

Disconnecting regularly keeps your brain primed to do more; you will feel recharged and refreshed to face those goals and getting through the ‘daily grind’ each day.

Make the commitment this month to do one action step on whatever goal you are working on, adding at least one fun activity to your weekly calendar; make it one that you don’t have to think much and that is relaxing.  Do something that is good for you (it’s okay to be a little selfish) so you can feel self-satisfaction.  Tap into your creative brain and watch how your happiness factor rises! Here is to a successful new month!

If you are in a transition in your business, life or your career, I’d love to help you.  Call today for a free strategy session to get started.  One of the services I offer is business building so if you’re ready to move forward to creating the business you desire, then call today

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