Goals: Reflecting on the Past to Set the Future

November is here and moving faster than we like; it’s hard to believe that time moved so slowly when Covid came in May – that is when things really shut down. It seemed as if time moved so slowly, since the majority of people were forced to be home.

With January a stone’s throw away, this is a great time to reflect on how these past few months have been for your career and business.  Back in January, like most people you probably set a goal – or a few – that you wanted for your business, career, your life. Perhaps it was to lose weight or get in better shape, to move up in your career, or to make a particular money goal.  

Hopefully, you have seen progress, either by achieving the goal or by still working towards getting it. The pandemic has definitely presented challenges in all of these areas, but how you stepped up to them sets the tone for the future.

Many people looked at the shutdowns in fear of taking it easy or having a mindset that nothing will work until this is over (yes, I have heard this from some clients). Then, there were others who took this challenge to overcome and adapt to a new way of working and of being. Many stepped up to market heavier, to go more online with what they would normally do in person, and found a way to help people deal with the challenging times.

However, if you have stopped working on your goals, or have lost interest, then this is the time and recommit to yourself that you can do anything you want.  Putting out positive thoughts, and not negative, increases thought and energy which then increases your desire and motivation; you will feel the desire to go after what you set out to do. 

Taking consistent action daily and then affirming those actions keeps you in motion until the end result. Action overrides fear and sets new habits that keep you going.

Make the commitment as we start this new month to refocus on resetting goals that you would like to achieve for this month but that will help you finish the year strong. Once you have made this commitment, review events that have taken place since January:

–  What goals did I set and how many have I completed?

–  What did it take for me to get these goals? What skills, resources or 

    support did I use?

–  What was the result or benefit from attaining them? How do I feel now?

– Did I take action or slow down during covid and why?

– What could I have done differently, in looking back, that I can use now?

–  What goal(s) do I want to continue to work on? How can I make this goal more manageable? What new goal(s) do I want to reach?

Once this step is done, mindmap your activities for this month. Set a target date to begin and to complete.  Then ACT!!  I wish you a productive and successful week!

“There are those who dream and wish and there are those who dream and work.”                             Jeune E. McIntyre

We specialize in leadership development for new and emerging leaders up to seasoned executives so they are effective in their role. Leadership development is an on-going process – we are here to provide the support you need. Call today to get started!

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