How To Achieve Serenity In Your Mind And Your Life

We all face many stressors in our day and life, which can lead to emotional problems, such as anxiety or depression. Left unchecked, physical problems can result, among other impacts on your finances, relationships, and work.

Getting to a state of serenity is a good goal to achieve so you deal with any situation that comes your way.

Serenity is a state of being calm and at peace. Does it seem as though it is only a luxury afforded to monks and those without the daily struggles of “real” life?

It doesn’t have to be. You are  truly and completely capable of feeling calm and at peace in the life you have now by implementing a few mental and physical lifestyle habits.

Here are 10 ways you can achieve serenity in your mind and your life:

  1. Practice gratitude every day. Gratitude will allow you to focus on all the things you are happy to have in your life right now. Make a list of 10 things you are grateful for everyday for 30 days and see how good it makes you feel.  I once did this for 100 days (a challenge) that lasted 4 years and brought many blessings into my life, not to mention elevating my mood and ability to handle challenges that came along.
  • Do your best with what you have while working for what you want- Unfortunately, we can’t always have exactly what we want as soon as we decide we want it. Do you have dreams of living a life different that the one you are because you have responsibilities? Do you dream of traveling the world and working only from your laptop? Go to your day job everyday and do your best, then come home and work towards making your dream come true so that you don’t have to choose one or the other and harbor feelings of resentment and dissatisfaction from a life wasted.
  • Practice acceptance…understand that you can not control others. Understanding that you can not control others is the peace maker. Have you noticed that spending time around certain people because they are manipulative or angry makes you feel a little overwhelmed because you just don’t understand why they act that way? Accepting the fact that it is just the way they are and moving on with your day, instead of trying to force someone to change, will bring you peace.
  • Fill your mind with positive influences – The information you watch on tv, read about, and see on social media, affects how we think and feel. Have you noticed how bitter and cynical people tend to get when they spend their days watching the news? To achieve serenity in your mind and life, it is important to fill your mind up with positive words and educational content that expands your mind and leads you closer to a relaxed state.
  • Keep your home organized- It is hard to relax in a place that has clutter and dirty dishes and clothes laying around. Your home should be a place you come to and be able to relax and unwind. Your home should be a reflection of the life and feelings you aspire to have. Get rid of clothes and other items you don’t wear or use; purging is very healing. I have done this and am amazed at how I don’t miss things I’ve gotten rid of (which is why people don’t do it), as well as feeling more peaceful.
  • Eat healthy and clean meals that nourish your body- A healthy mind and body starts with food. You can not live a healthy life while filling your body with toxic, addictive, food, such as fast food. Fuel your mind with good food and a balanced diet, and you will increase feel- good hormones.
  • Drink plenty of water- Water is the ultimate fuel for our bodies. We can not replace it with wine, coffee and tea, or soda and expect to achieve a relaxed and peaceful state. Being hydrated is good for both our brain and body so we can perform at our optimum.
  • Spend time outdoors- Take a break throughout your day and go for a nice quiet walk through nature. Humans are creatures meant to be close to nature, yet we are all disconnected from its power and beauty. Being outside exudes oxygen and sunshine, both necessary to overall health and feeling calm. Join an outdoor group or go for a walk once a day without earbuds in your ears or your cell phone in your hands and use your senses to enjoy the experience.
  • Surround yourself with people that you enjoy being around- limit your time with drama queens and poor thinkers. While you can’t always eliminate people that bring you down from your life all the time, you can limit the amount of time you spend with them, thus, allowing you ample opportunity to surround yourself with people that inspire you.
  1. Focus on what you want-Do you feel stuck in a job or relationship that you feel is sucking the life out you? The more you focus on how much you hate it, the more you will find situations where you are in a place you don’t enjoy. Instead, train your mind to “see’ the positives, while creating solutions to either make improvements or move on. Focus on the things and places that you want more of in your life.

Achieving serenity in your mind and your life, can help you enjoy a less chaotic lifestyle and cultivate habits that hold you back from living your best life. Remember, you can’t control situations that happen to you but you can control how you think about them – the choice is yours.

If you’d like to learn to manage your stress, and have tools and resources that will help you cope, reach out today to get started.

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