Leadership is About Relationships

I love this quote by John Maxwell, regarding leadership being about relationships: care and appreciate your people and you will be seen as a good leader. Treat them poorly and you will be the reason why employees leave.

Leaders who focus on building relationships with their employees are ahead of the pack, as the saying goes. They are seen as trustworthy and caring, and one who walks the talk. Employee satisfaction and engagement increase, which leads to higher performance and retention of the workforce. It’s just a good way to do business.

What type of relationships are you building, especially in light of working from home? How are you connecting with your workers so they feel appreciated? With so many Zoom meetings taking place during the week, setting aside time to meet with each employee can be a ‘deal-maker.’

This is the time you can see how they are doing with their work tasks, but also how they are doing emotionally. It’s a good time to see check in on their goals and how you can support them in achieving them. These meetings can just be about learning more about them personally; this simple act is a contributing factor to happy employees which, as stated earlier, can improve satisfaction levels and can lessen any stress or emotional feelings they may be experiencing.

As many are not meeting in person, have a group lunch to reconnect which gets elevates team synergy and builds work relationships so more gets done. I did this with a group I’m a part of – our weekly ‘happy hour’ became something we all looked forward to and brought us closer. Now the work did not seem like ‘work’ and we all knew we could rely on each other and find support when needed.

Working to build relationships with your team will go a long way to getting more accomplished and in a happier environment. You, as the leader, will be looked at as a trusted and respected advisor who they want to follow.

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