New Year, New You – Time to Level-Up Your Leadership Mindset

Now that the new year is here, it’s time to level-up your leadership – not just your skills but your mindset, as well. Actually, mindset is the key to being an authentic and effective leader.

You can’t do anything without have the right mindset, which includes your thoughts, ideas, motivation, and the confidence and drive to succeed. Our minds are powerful tools IF used in the correct way. If doubts and fears are allowed, then you won’t be the best version of yourself and will hold back, making you ineffective. You won’t connect with your ideas and with your people/customers, either.

But, if your mind is used to the fullest, you will succeed in all areas you desire. So, how do you keep a ‘good’ mindset?

It starts with self-assessing your current mindset, i.e. identifying thoughts, feelings, outlook, skills, abilities, fears, doubts, confidence (and in what areas), and achievements (so you can see all of these just mentioned). You can also review any past failures to distinguish the reason(s) and why you did not succeed as you desired.

Now that you have the clearer picture, it’s time to focus on the present and future goals, looking at what you identified to make them happen. When in doubt, question what the fear is or if you are predetermining the outcome without knowing. Questioning gives way to reflection, which gives way to clarity.

Set up a daily ritual where you work on your mindset each morning, as this will lead into how you want your day to go. You can start with a simple 2-minute meditation; have a positive daily affirmation, starting with “I am……” and visualizing this happening turns your brain on so you start your day in a positive way.

Get into the habit of journaling your thoughts, as this is a great practice, along with gratitude, to make sense of your thoughts and feelings; you can also add your ideas and goals. to this in your daily practice. This is like you’re talking to your best friend who can you ‘good’ advice.’

Determine you will create new daily mindset practices to start your year strong and be the strong leader you want to be. Not only will you be self-empowering but being a role model and inspiration for your team.

“One of the assignments of leaders is to always HELP PEOPLE SET THEIR MINDS RIGHT.”
― Benjamin Suulola

If you want to be a strong leader and get your mind and skills aligned, then reach out to learn more.

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