Questions to Ask When Setting Goals for Success

As we enter the final week of 2022, have you set any goals you want to achieve in 2023? Setting goals will prime you for success throughout the year. Having short, mid- and long-term goals will keep you focused so you stay the course.

Before setting any goals, it’s important to reflect on this past year – what worked? What didn’t? And why/why not?

Here are some other questions to ask yourself so you are setting goals that will motivate and inspire you to complete them:

  1. What is that you really, really want (you will have to dig deep on this one)
  2. What specific outcome and benefit you will get by achieving the goal(s)?
  3. What are you willing to do to have this goal?
  4. What will you experience, i.e. the pain, of not achieving the goal?
  5. Is the goal something you truly want or is because you feel like you should do (i.e. trying to please someone else, etc.)
  6. Will the goal change you/your lifestyle and are you willing to accept the changes?
  7. Does the goal(s) align with my values?
  8. What might you have to give up or stop doing in order to reach the goal, or by having it?
  9. Is your goal feel motivating to you, so you can get started, or cause you to feel resistance of some kind?
  10. What resources (i.e. people, money, time, knowledge, etc.) do you currently have and which will you need to reach the goal?

These questions will help you dig deeper and getting your reasons for setting and achieving any goal you desire, but also will ensure you will commit to them. Remember, goals are meant to give you direction and inspiration so you know what to do each day, and then ensure you reach whatever goal you set. But, planning is a key ingredient in the process.

If you would like more help on setting achievable goals that will lead you to success, reach out to discuss your needs and how we can help. Take action today!

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