Recognizing & Overcoming Procrastination Habits and Patterns Checklist

Recognizing & Overcoming Procrastination Habits & Patterns Checklist

Recognizing and halting your procrastination habits and patterns is the first step in changing that behavior. Knowing the underlying reason(s) for not following through will lead to changing these defeating patterns.

Procrastinating, as with avoidance, typically has a fear-based reason for not acting on goals and desires; these may include: fear of failure, fear of not being good enough, disappointing another, getting yelled at, and even fear of success. Recognizing your underlying thoughts is the beginning of moving forward.

Use this checklist to start overcoming procrastinating behaviors and stay on track:


  • I know what situations cause me to procrastinate.
  • I know how I procrastinate.
  • I know what’s causing me to procrastinate.
  • I have made excuses to procrastinate.
  • I’ve know when I’ve been trying to be perfect.
  • I know which tasks I tend to avoid.
  • I recognize when I’m unorganized or lack direction.
  • I know when I’m stuck in analysis paralysis.
  • I know when I’m only doing the comfortable tasks.
  • I know when I’m wasting time on useless tasks.
  • I know when I put tasks off until the last minute.
  • _____________________________________________________________


  • I do the task right in front of me.
  • I commit to doing tasks. Writing them down in your schedule.
  • I reward myself for completing jobs on time.
  • I have an accountability person or app.
  • I tackle tasks quickly when they arise.
  • I talk positively about the task.
  • I get rid of distractions.
  • I do unpleasant tasks at my peak time.
  • I focus on the long-term benefits of completing the task.
  • I get organized using lists, schedulers, and project planners.
  • I get past overwhelm by breaking projects into small chunks.
  • I use apps to help me make decisions easier.
  • I have positive action taking role models.
  • I take courses or ask for help when don’t know how to do a task.
  • I start tasks early enough to complete on time.
  • I emphasize the importance of finishing even if not perfect.
  • I have control over conditions causing me to procrastinate.
  • I challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone when I’m afraid to do a task.
  • I force myself to do something towards a task even when I don’t feel like it.
  • _____________________________________________________________

Ways to Change

  • I write down tasks.
  • I address my feelings toward the task.
  • I get rid of negative emotions toward the task.
  • I use positive thoughts.
  • I practice finishing a task each day.
  • I forgive myself for past procrastinations.
  • I realize it doesn’t have to be perfect or pretty; lower your standards.
  • I use positive affirmations to help you.
  • I meditate or take time to focus.
  • I manage your energy levels.
  • I use time management techniques.
  • I use productivity techniques such as time blocking.
  • I break big tasks down.
  • I congratulate myself on finishing each step.
  • I anticipate obstacles and plan how to address them.
  • I take action and fight any resistance.
  • I finish the task then celebrate.
  • I set up a schedule.
  • _____________________________________________________________

Using this checklist will help you to stay focused and in action mode; the more consistent it’s used, the more you will have a routine and daily practices set. You will get more done to motivate you to continue on.

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