Starting Off the Week: Be an Action Taker Not Just Action Maker

I am a person of action.  At least I like to  think of myself in that way.  I know that I have tasks that are both required and that I want to accomplish.  But I don’t always seem to complete some in the latter group.

Do you ever feel the same?  Are there dreams or goals that you would like to reach but something seems to get in the way?   You know that we want them or you know that you should make them happen but you don’t.  

As the saying above says, you must apply what you know and be willing to do what it takes.  That can be easier said than done but if you make your tasks really clear then the doing part will come easier.  The answers for ‘how’ to accomplish them will become clear, leading you to get them finished.  

Our brains store our information away so that when we need something, we just have to open the “file drawer” to find it (the Reticular Activating System, i.e. RAS). 

But, you must work with the RAS for it to be truly effective; think of a file drawer filled with office papers – it gets messy if those papers are not filed appropriately, or cleaned out regularly. We need to be filing positive thoughts into our RAS while purging old, negative thoughts and experiences.

Once we have the information needed, it takes action to realize the end result. Start small to not overwhelm your brain and procrastinate to get things done; one step leads to another and so on, and soon you will have achieved your goal.

Now, you will be doing instead of wanting and be a an action-taker versus and action-maker. While both are needed, action makes ideas into reality.

Your Coaching Action Plan

Focus on one thing you want and are willing to commit to making it happen.  Set a date to accomplish it, and repeat the saying above over and over until you feel the commitment. Then, take specific, consistent action.  Chart your progress daily on any progress made.  Celebrate your successes!

I wish you a productive and successful week!


If you’re ready to rev-up your success factor, call today for a free strategy session to learn how. 

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