The Six Most Common Habits You Need to Break

Your habits help to define and help in shaping the person that you are or will become. Good habits will make you more confident and productive, while bad habits tend to make you feel bad about yourself and can do you harm.

While everyone wishes they could avoid engaging in bad habits, unfortunately, it’s human nature and not something we can completely eliminate from our lives; however, the more aware you are of them and consistently work to overcome them, you can unlearn any bad habit you desire.

With the new ways of working, mainly remotely, stopping bad habits that impact your work and life will lead to more productivity and satisfaction.

Here are six of the most common bad habits that you need to break, starting today.


Procrastination is the single most common bad habit that many of us deal with daily. Essentially, there are tasks that are not satisfying, or there may be ones that we fear (i.e. will it be good enough, will I succeed, etc.) so we delay starting or finishing them. Everyone procrastinates now and then, however, when you procrastinate on everything, it can become a real problem. When you put off doing every vital task until the last minute, and miss deadlines, it becomes chronic procrastination which can have potential adverse consequences.


In today’s hyper-connected world of constant distractions, a lack of focus and inattentiveness in what you are doing or what you should be doing can turn into a significant issue. When you try to work on multiple things at the same time, you end up giving less attention to each task, which means nothing that you’re doing is being done well. Many think multitasking is a skill but it is not; our brains do not do two things at once, despite seeming so; our focus is really placed more on one than the other. But it leads to overwhelm and feeling emotionally drained by doing so

Bad Eating Habits

With being home, it’s easier than ever to eat out of your normal routine. Having the fridge close by makes it easier to go to it. If your routine does not include good parameters for when you take breaks or lunch, eating can get out of control. Before you know it, it can become a habit to eat and you can gain weight if not kept in control.

Bad Sleep Habits

Bad sleeping habits include sleeping too little, staying up too late, not having a consistent time to go to sleep and wake up, and sleeping too much. Going to bed and waking up at drastically different times can end up ruining your circadian rhythm, which is directly related to hormone production and cell regeneration. Sleep also regulates your natural chemicals that lead to productivity and mental energy.

Worrying About Things Beyond Your Control

One of the most common emotions that we all experience is worry. We fear that things won’t go well tomorrow, we worry about dying, and we worry that we’ll lose everything that we have. Focusing on things you can’t control is counter- productive and not useful.  When your worry is intense, and without solid ground, it can turn into anxiety and a host o other emotional problems.

Comparing Yourself to Others

This is also a very detrimental habit to develop is to compare yourself to other people. Thinking that you are not as smart, attractive, or talented as other you know adversely affects your self-esteem and confidence and leads to hiding behavior. You won’t fully step into yours if you minimize your attributes; it also can lead to feelings of resentment, anger, and sadness.

These are just some of the more common bad habits that you could be facing. Habits develop over time so stopping them will also take some time but, with a goal and then taking consistent action, you can unlearn these and develop new, healthier habits.

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