Why Knowing What Success Means is Crucial to Succeeding

Everyone wants to succeed in life, whether that is a fulfilling career or relationship, a thriving business, or just a happy life in general. But, why is that most don’t feel successful?

When you go on a journey you know where you are starting from, where you are going and how you are going to get there. If you want to bring success into your life, then those same elements are key.

To create success, you must know what success means to you. Success is different for everyone so there is no ‘one size fits all’ way to achieve it. Without a clear picture, it’s as if you are throwing spaghetti against the wall, hoping something will stick. You will be chasing success and won’t know you have reached it if you haven’t identified your vision of success.

To discover what success means to you is a simple process. Follow the steps below and you can create a plan to achieve the success you desire in whatever area of your personal or professional life you choose. You will discover the success habits you need to build into your life to achieve your goal.

First, you need to decide what you want to achieve (your goal(s)) to be successful. Write then down and be very descriptive and use the present tense.

Write down why achieving this is important to you – what benefit(s) will you get by having the goal?. What does it mean to you? How motivated are you to achieve this goal?

Then, write down how you will feel when you achieve your goal. How will your life change, or those who also may benefit from the goal being reached? Again be very descriptive and write using the present tense.

Next, write down your current situation and how this makes you feel. Although it is how you feel right now try writing it in the past tense. This will begin to change the way you think about your situation and move towards creating the success you want. Your mind will begin to distance itself from your current situation and begin to believe that you are moving towards your goal.

You now have your starting and ending points on your journey to success. Now you need to fill in how you are going to get there.

What needs to change to make your situation change and to get you from where you are to achieving your goal of success? Write down each step. You will find that you will need to look at your mind-set, behavior and habits – focus on these areas as they are the most critical.

Identify potential blocks to achieving your goal, which can be internal or external (finances, support, negativity or fear, etc.). Write them down and add how you will overcome them, being clear on the steps you will take and the support you will need.

By completing the tasks above you are undertaking one of the key success habits; goal setting. You are also learning to know yourself better which is another habit for success because self-knowledge and positive mind-set will help you identify your goal, understand what success means to you and create a plan that will help you achieve it.

To achieve success you need to understand what success is, what it means to you and how you will achieve it. With the knowledge gained from this assessment, you can now be clearer if you have reached your goals (success) and continue on to the next. No more haziness so you can be more accomplished and happier overall.

If you’re struggling with setting or reaching your goals, getting support is the best; reach out to learn more and get started today!

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