4 Barriers to Effective Leadership

4 Barriers to Effective Leadership

“With great power comes great responsibility but there also can be significant barriers to being an effective leader. It is essential to be aware that leadership is not an easy skill to acquire. There are many barriers that you may come across during your development as a leader.

If not checked, these barriers can create problems in the organization and effectiveness to lead well and strong. Being able to do your own evaluation of your skills and abilities in leading will make you a stronger leader.

Here are a few barriers to be mindful of:

Not Knowing How to React to Feedback

Even when we feel that criticism is unfair and subjective, it is best to open up and learn from it. Here are three ways for responding to feedback:

  • Don’t react immediately: Feedback should not be dismissed when given. By being calm and respectful, you allow the space for the input to be heard.
  • Understand the feedback: Since the objective of constructive feedback is to improve. It is essential to understand what we are being asked to correct.
  • Don’t let it get to you: It might come across as you are the problem, or the problem is directly connected to one of your behavior. If that is the case, don’t let personal criticism get to you and your confidence. Use the information to help you grow and let go of what you cannot control (such as people’s opinion of you).

Not Moving Into Action

Many will get stuck in the planning mode – implementing a change or an action is harder than it looks. Do not get stuck in the planning; yes it it important but if you are not taking action on those plan, nothing gets done. Make sure that you take small steps, or actions, every day towards your goals to get them done and achieve them.

Another aspect that will stop you from moving into action is getting stuck in the busy pace of life. Not having time is just an excuse that prevents you from taking action. Evaluate the reasons for your inaction: did you set realistic and achievable goals, did you set out specific daily actions to take,   did you make your goals a priority…. Knowing these will keep you on track.

Ignoring Mistakes

Leadership comes at a price, as the spotlight is often on you; meaning, you must accept the responsibility of any mist mistakes made. How you handle them will give people will notice and leads to trust.  If you want to be a great leader, you need to be a role model and show others that it is OK to make mistakes. It’s the learning lessons from these that lead to success.

Inability to Face Disagreement 

Learn to embrace conflict and disagreement in a way that you do not take it personally. Leaders thrive in conflict because they know that any conflict will bring growth and improvement.

Conflict resolution might be one of the most challenging aspects of relationships, but when you learn to be comfortable with them, you do not run away when they happen. The key for leaders is to understand the emotion behind any conflict so they can meet the need and resolve any problems.

These are just a few barriers that leaders will encounter but addressing them will ensure the business runs smoothly through strong and effective leadership.

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