Achieving Success by Using Your Strengths

“Success is achieved by developing our strengths, not by eliminating our weaknesses.”              Marilyn vs Savant

Do you know your strengths? Are you able to name them?  Are you using them?  I find in working with people that they are not very aware of the strengths that lie inside of them.  Most people do not realize that they possess a variety of strengths that have helped them to overcome adversity, to carry on in spite of other people’s views, or to take action that benefits others.  

Most people tend to focus on their challenge areas – or weaknesses – as opposed to their positive qualities.  They can tell you what is ‘wrong’ with them but not the ‘right.’  Or, they cannot come up with an explanation for how they were able to achieve something they wanted.  When asked, they say, “I don’t know” or “I’m not sure.”  

It is vital to uncover and fully recognize the strengths that lie inside of you and that have led you to where you are today.  They are there – you just have to find and name them; it might be that you have perseverance,  or you might have the ability to think calmly in adverse situations, or you are a good problem-solver.  Until you fully recognize what lies inside, you will just go through life doing but not fully acting to your abilities.  You will achieve but you won’t get what you want as quickly or you won’t appreciate the outcome. 

Only by working off your strengths will you be able to go after the things you want and reach them.  Success will not seem elusive!

Your Coaching Action Plan

1. Begin to write down all of the strengths that you feel you possess. 

2. Look at situations that you have overcome or successes you have achieved to see what it was exactly that helped you.  This is not the time to be ‘shy.’ 

3. If you’re unclear or struggling, ask those you come in contact with, like family, friends or coworkers 

4. List your strengths for different areas of your life; for example, you might be really good with using your hands so you can fix things around your house or you might be have the ability to see the bigger picture in work situations.  Categories might include: work, home, relationships, finances, spiritual.

5. Once you’ve identified your strengths, choose one or two to really focus on to use this week, making sure that you keep the awareness of it in your mind.  Record it in your journal, or write it on a sticky note that you keep in front of you; this will serve as a reinforcer and become a (good) habit.

By working off of your strengths, you can do and achieve so much more in life, and feel happier and more confidant.   I wish you a productive and successful week!


If you’re ready to rev-up your success factor, call today for a free strategy session to learn how. 

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