Do You Need a Kick in the Pants?

As we are entering this first full week of July, it is now once again time to start looking at what we want to accomplish this month; it is easy to want to take it easy, or to be unsure in these times we are living in. But staying in this state of hesitancy is not an option. Perhaps you’re in this current state and not doing a lot for your career or your business and waiting to see what happens next. If so, then it’s time to rev things up,  starting with giving yourself a kick in the a%$!

I normally don’t write like this but it’s time to send a big message out and get you moving forward in a big way. This message is for myself as much as for you as I’ve come to recognize that I also have times when I react to a state of uncertainty;  I’ve had more clients coming in who are very frustrated that things are not going so well for them – they want but they do not ‘do.’  They dream and set goals but take little or no action. They don’t know what to do. You may not know what to do.

I’m all about taking action and kicking butt, which is something we all need to remember when we are frustrated with our level of inertia. Saying you want something but not doing anything about it causes problems at so many levels, including not getting things accomplished as well as the emotional toll it can lead to when you don’t. Being our own coach and kicking ourselves in the a@$ is what is needed during these times. It’s time to take the focus off of why you aren’t taking action and put it on doing. It doesn’t matter what that might be as long as it is an action step that moves you forward. 

Making that decision and taking that first step will steel your mind that you are in control of any and all situations – no more holding back and no more excuses.  August- and your future – is waiting!

Your Weekly Action Plan

This week, look at areas of your life where you have been stagnant and feel frustrated. Take time to dream, think, and plan for what you will accomplish in the next month. Take a ‘no holds barred’ mentality so that you are the one who will kick a@$ instead of the one needs it!

I hope you have a successful week – If you need help gaining clarity on your business or career goals, or in developing your action plan, why not get some help – stop the struggle and call today to get started. I’d love to help you build the career and business of your dreams!

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