Assess Your Leadership Skills

Since leadership is not a natural skill for most, it becomes

essential to be aware of where you lack and what you need to

improve on. A self-assessment can help you determine, also, where you are doing well so you can build off of these skills.

The following assessment will help you have an idea

of your leadership skills and how much work you need to dedicate

to your development (development should be a daily habit).

Here are 15 questions that will help you define your leadership

abilities; don’t just write yes or no -expand on your answers and get more into specifics. Give examples which will help give you a better “view.” Be honest in your answers – only you see them:

1. Can you identify your three main strengths? What are they?

2. Can you identify your three main areas of concern? What are they?

3. Do your actions reflect your words and values? What actions show in your values and communication?

4. Do you listen carefully to the ideas of those who disagree

with you? What do you specifically do to listen and show others your are?

5. Are you bold enough to ask for feedback on your

behaviors and use the information you gather as a tool to

get to know yourself better? How do you elicit feedback so it is more constructive?

6. When others do something wrong, do you take the time

to help them see what they need to change and how they

can solve problems? How do you initiate those conversations? How do you give more affirming feedback so it leaves the other feeling more motivated to make corrections?

7. Do you have the ability to assess the state of your

environment and shape it to be better? In what way?

8. Do you have the ability to communicate a vision or goal? What is that ability and ways do you communicate clearly?

9. Do you have the ability to mobilize people? What specifically do you do to get people together so they work as a team?

10. Do you have a propensity to encourage rather than

Criticize, or vice-versa? How do you ‘catch’ yourself if so?

11. Do you have the ability to take risks? What skills help you to do so?

12. Do you have a sense of innovation and creativity? In what ways?

13. Do you have the ability to make decisions quickly? What is your method, i.e. slow, analytical, quick, intuitive, etc.?

14. Are you inspiring and admired by your employees? What do they feel about you?

15. Do you recognize your mistakes rather easily? How do you auto-correct when you do?

The number of “no” answers provide an indication of the various

behaviors you could develop or reinforce to reach your ultimate

potential as a leader. It also can show you that you have things you do/have done right to build up your confidence and the skills you already possess.

“Without proper self-evaluation, failure is inevitable.”

             (John Wooden)

If you’d like to ‘debrief’ you responses, reach out to schedule a discovery call.  

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