Make May a ‘Do-Over’ Month

Make May a ‘Do-Over’ Month

Happy May! This is the start of a new week and a new month – how optimistic do you feel? Your outlook determines the success you will have, mainly as it is the driver in taking action to make any success happen.

If you feel iffy or fearful in some way, then you will hold yourself back from moving towards any goal you set; likewise, if you feel you can achieve anything – yep, you will. Mindset is everything: you can either think and feel positive or you will think and feel negative. The choice is yours.

That being said, I’m always a firm believer in starting over; just because something doesn’t work one time doesn’t mean it can’t a second (or third time – or more); it took J. K. Rowling 43 times to submit her manuscript before it was accepted; Walt Disney was laughed at over his idea for Disney World, and even Einstein didn’t have immediate success with his Theory of Relativity. Point is – they did not give up. And you shouldn’t, either.

So, make today your ‘Do-Over Month’ – pull out all of those sheets of papers or notebooks that contain all your goals or things you want to do and see which make your heart race. Those are the ones you should not give up on.

Once you’ve identified these goals, write them out with action words (i.e. “I am achieving”, “I am working as a marketer”, etc.) which the brain will naturally move towards that action, and then list specific tasks you think it will take to reach them.

Determine what resources you need, i.e. time, money, support/people, etc. Now you can start taking one small step – not tomorrow or another day – NOW. You’re ready – just get to it. In the story of the tortoise and the hare, who won? The one who took the slow and steady course. So be a tortoise – start with the smallest step to create lasting habits.

Your Weekly Action Plan

Make time in your schedule this week to review events so you can ‘do-over’; you can start by reviewing how things went for you during the month of April:

1. What were your ‘wins’, or your accomplishments, and what skills did you use that led to these successes

2. What was the impact these had on your life, both personally and professionally

3. What resources or people were instrumental to your success; what decisions did you make and what were the factors needed that moved you to the choices you made 

4. What challenges or emotional roadblocks did you face but that you were able to overcome; did the ending of something need to be done that you may have held on to for a reason and, if so, what was the reason

5. What new beginnings do you want to create as you move forward; set small goals that will motivate you to reach these new goals and commit to taking action on them

 You can look at endings in a negative view, or you can look at them as blessings that can make you stronger and more resilient and help you to continue to create more new beginnings in your life. As the saying goes, “when one door closes, another opens.”

If you’re feeling stuck on setting up new goals, or following through, reach out to get help so you stop the struggle and move forward.

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