Getting Your Business Ready for the Summer Months and 5 Strategies to Implement Now

Getting Your Business Ready for the Summer Months

Now that Covid seems to be getting under control, life will be opening to what is was. There will be, however, many practices that will continue such as working from home and more virtual meetings. Workers are demanding this ‘new/now norm,’ with 56% saying they prefer working from home.

This means that your business still has many opportunities to serve more people in the virtual space. However, since many consumers have been staying home over this past year, they are now eager to get out-and-about which means they will want to do more in-person interactions. We may see the return of meetings at Starbucks or a restaurant versus online.

Hiring is back again which means that people will need your business and will be able and willing to pay. Now is the time to ramp up and get your business ready to meet these needs so you have a steady flow of clients and cash.

Summer has typically been  known as a slow-time for business: Are you prepared for this slowdown? How will you ramp up your marketing efforts so you won’t feel the ‘pinch?’ We all deal with it but, if you’re prepared and have a strategy in mind, then the pain should be less if you take consistent action.

Here are some quick tips to ensure your business is ready for any potential downturns and to ensure you’re bringing in clients/customers:It’s a

  • Review your past practices to see how you survived in previous times; if you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, then don’t. Look for patterns that may have occurred and interventions you took that got you through
  • Determine your numbers: money you want to make each month, then break it down to how many clients you need to see at the current rate you are charging for your products or service.  You can take this down to your hourly rate; it will all depend on you price your services. For example, if you want to make $5000/month, and you charged $100/hr, then you need to have 50 people paying this number. If you broke that down to weekly, you would need to have roughly 13 clients. This will give you a number to shoot for as a target. You also may want to think about raising your prices; another might be to run the numbers if you did a ‘sale’ on your services to get twice the number in
  • Now you need to create an action plan for how you will market and attract these clients, again looking at past practices and what has worked best so you will keep consistent in these practices. You also need to look at past clients – can you go back and reup them as these people already know you, who may need you again or who can refer you to someone they know.
  • Determine how you will attract new clients to you and your business – social media, writing articles or a blog, speaking at events, holding your own events, doing a teleseminar or webinar, sponsoring an event and so forth; choose one or two of your top activities and streamline your focus and attention there for the next 90 days
  • Be sure to look at your personal/business finances to ensure you can weather the storm and see what you may have to cut back on (eating out, cable, etc.). Look at your spending habits and how you can bring more money in

As things are opening back up and the economy is doing better, overall spending is increasing which is the good news. But, realistically, these few upcoming months are historically a slow-down for some businesses who need to be prepared and ready to take alternate action. Doing so will ensure you enjoy not only the summer months but beyond, and are both happier and more profitable. You’ll also be contributing to helping people get back to a ‘new’ norm for their lives.

If you’re ready to take that business idea and run with, or to grow your business, stop the struggle and get help; coaching is the way. Contact us today to get started!

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