Monday Success Tips: Step into Your Circle of Excellence

In business, we need to always be at “our game”, meaning we need to be fearless in taking the steps to be successful.  But we may encounter fears and blockages that hold us back. Mindset is key to success; you can either choose to look at your situations in a negative, fear-based way or you can choose to focus on the positives.

Changing mindset is not easy; our unconscious thoughts are the directors of our thoughts and actions (98%). Change is the word here, as moving away from familiarity feels strange and pulls us back to what we know. Moving past change takes a different focus and consistent action.

 Here is a technique to use that is taken from Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), called the Circle of Excellence:

 Think of a time when you felt confident or had a successful outcome for an activity you engaged in, such as sports or closing a sale.  Now imagine a circle in front of you; the circle should be big enough for you to walk into. The circle should have a color, a sound, smell, or a feeling.  When you are ready, step into the circle and embrace the confident you that you envisioned earlier. 

This exercise is useful for two reasons:

1. You have had success in the past so it forces you to focus on those events, which may have faded or not seem so important now. Remembering your instances of excellence will create those feelings and accomplishments so you want to do more.

2. Remembering past achievements elevates self-esteem and confidence, which leads to self-efficacy or the belief ‘you can.’ It is this mindset that will motivate and propel you forward to take action daily.

Stepping into your circle is easy – you just create it in your mind. Be sure to really remember the feelings you had in that past greatness to go – and keep going – after excellence in all you do. This exercise can help anytime you want to have more confidence and success in your life.

If you’re ready to move ahead, reach out and get coached. We’re here to take your hand. Get started today!

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