Uncover Your Power and Lead Strong

A leader is a <man> who has the ability to get other people to do what they don’t want to do, and like it.”                                         Harry S. Truman    

There are different traits of what make a great leader.  Some of these traits include being visionary, a good communicator, energetic, charismatic, and having good interpersonal skills. 

Here are some questions to uncover your leadership behavior:

  1. Describe the tasks and actions in which you usually engage in

2. Describe the tasks and actions in which you would like to practice and improve

3. Ask other people – friends or co-workers – of your usual tasks and actions and which ones you should practice

4. What plans can you develop for how you will put into practice the tasks and actions you identified and how they can enhance your workplace and those you lead  

Uncovering your leadership traits will increase not only your value but also your potential, power and your greatness.  It will give you focus and ability to lead effectively.

As Jim Collins, the author of Good to Great  (2001), states: “In business, leaders have executive power to make things happen…to be able to figure out how to assemble power to make things happen is real, real leadership.”  Use the questions to uncover your power and unleash your greatness!

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