Motivating Through Discouragement

This week’s Success Tip is for those of you who may feel discouraged on whatever area in your life is challenging to you; it is a simple little quote I came across (author unknown) but I think is appropriate when we come across difficulties in our lives:  

The reason people give up so quickly is because they tend to look at how far they still have to go, instead of how far the have come

The simple theme is how we tend to focus on our failures more than we do on the successes.  It seems that we tend to expect only big achievements as opposed to realizing that we succeed numerous times throughout our day, starting with getting out of bed.  Focusing on the positive events in your life will help you to feel more accomplished, happier and motivated. Add to this recognizing that you are the one that made them happen will leave you feeling empowered and more confident to continue moving forward.

Your Weekly Action Plan   Begin this week to write down at least 5 positive things that have happened to you on a daily basis, whether it was something you did for someone else or they did for you; include actions you took, compliments you heard, or inspirations you made in someone else. Writing this down in a notebook or journal at the end of the day is a powerful way to help you be aware of how good your life really is but it can help to give you inner peace so you can sleep better!
I hope you have a productive week – make it a successful one!

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